CB3 is an asset management firm located in Lake Geneva, WI.  It originally performed financial planning and wealth management, helping clients prepare for retirement and seek to reach their other financial goals.  In 2014, it spun-off its financial planning business to focus solely on asset management. CB3 now operates four portfolios all of which are separately managed account (SMA) programs and available for institutional investors as well as retail use by select wealth managers. A fuller discussion of our portfolios, strategies, leverage, hedging, and risk management is provided, upon request. CB3’s Beyond Mere Alpha is published monthly and is available for both financial professionals and retail clients. CB3 was founded in 2006 by Charles R. P. Brown III, CMT, currently the CEO and Portfolio Manager. Mr. Brown previously had a successful 20-year career trading stocks and commodities, including a stint at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.