Financial Education

Charles Brown

We believe financial education is in everyone's best interest. At CB3  Financial Group, we strongly believe that to be an informed consumer, you need to know both the traditional (stocks and bonds, etc) and nontraditional (futures, commodities, etc) investment vehicles which can greatly assist you build your individual financial portfolio, regardless of its size.  As an informed consumer, you will be able to participate and be fully engaged in the financial management process. CB3 offers such an educational program.

In addition, CB3 offers Financial Fireside Chats, which are 90-minute presentations, informing and updating you about our country's local, national and international economic status. These Chats are held various times during the year Chicagoland. They are geared primarily for our clients but are open to the public.

We can also bring education directly to you. We provide on-site presentations for your organization or business. From general financial planning to pensions and retirement planning, we will bring the tools necessary to assist your members or staff with their financial education needs.