Financial Management Workshops for Women

We offer Financial Management Workshops for Women. Today, every woman—single or married, widowed or divorced—needs to be plan ahead for personal and family security. When we first started these classes, women would keep asking questions and wanted more than we could offer through the class, so we came up with the complimentary consultation. Attendees learn the strategies and techniques that can be used to help manage their finances effectively, to accomplish their goals or and their dreams.

With all of the financial information in the marketplace today, it can definitely be confusing. Is it do "this" or do "that" when it comes to our finances? That's why this workshop comes with an easy-to-understand workbook that helps you take control. It has real life strategies that do work. The workshop is taught by licensed professionals who specialize in financial education that focuses on women's issues.

After the course is completed, everyone who attends the course will be given the opportunity to meet privately with one of the instructors. If you have any specific questions about personal situations or you want to explore various strategies that can be implemented to enhance your financial future, this would be an opportunity to do so. This consultation is complimentary for class attendees but is not mandatory for attendance. 

Our Financial Management for Women Seminars are held in a two-part format. We offer them in various locations throughout Chicagoland. Your registration entitles you to bring a friend or family member with you at no additional cost.  We encourage you to do so.  Please call us for more information.